Wednesday, August 15, 2007


I added library news to my blogline account. I liked the catrtoons about the library.

7 1/2 habits

Back to the ones I seem to have missed. 7 & 1/2 habits. I am going to learn a new computer skill if it kills me. Dealing with problems most difficult. setting goals easiest.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

23 things summery

As I was doing the 23 things exercises I found myself by turns frustrated not knowing what I was doing to elation when something worked out. I may of may not use most of what I learned but I know more about the Internet now then I have ever know. I also think the exercises took a lot for granted thinking people knew more then they did. In order to finish I had to come in on my days off and spend several hours working on 23 things. I really can't say that I enjoyed doing all of the 23 things.

e books

I have created an account on netlibrary. I found the site easy to use and down loading a ebook quick. Now when I have time I will try and find it and listen to it. It does has points over cds because you won't have the abuse of the cds get.


Wiki is a creative document that lets a variety of people collaborate on the same document.
Adding ideas, editing an every changing document. I don't think a state wide library wiki would work because every county has their own policies and procedures.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

pod casting

Sorry pod casting was just confusing. I couldn't figure out how to do the exercise. I did listen to a few pod cast. Now I have to find the recipe for orange blossom cheesecake. I don't think I will get the hang of posting pod casts. It just made my head hurt.

you tube

You tube was easy to use. I searched for videos and found what I was looking for. I wanted to find out how to upload a video that appeared to be easy to understand and use but as I had no video to upload I could not continue. This might be a useful tool in a library setting as it is easier to show someone something as a oppse to trying to discribe it. As in horse vaulting. How many people know that gymnastics on horse back is a sport and what it looks like.